50 Point Swarnim Siddhi Programme

On 1st May 2010, Gujarat completed 50 years of its existence as a state in the Indian Union. The Golden Jubilee Year is not merely an occasion for celebration. It is also an occasion to take stock of our achievements in the last 50 years and a time to make resolution and for taking a pledge to lay foundation of a modern and stronger Gujarat. It is also a time to recognize that a state has to take all possible steps to meet rising expectations and aspirations of the People are fulfilled.

People’s participation is at the root of Gujarat’s success. It is our resolve to turn the Golden Jubilee Celebrations into a people’s movement, making each of the Five and Half Crore Gujaratis a partner in the march towards development. This is also an occasion for us to remember Tens of Thousands of Gujaratis who live all over the Globe and all over India and want to give them an opportunity of taking pride in the state’s achievements.

We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and overflow of Noble and selfless expressions wherein people are coming forward with their pledges, expressions and intentions of contributing their bit for the State in its Golden Jubilee year.

In keeping with this spirit, our Government has taken the lead to define the roadmap for the future and give a clarion call to all sections of the society to set new standards and benchmarks in performance and break old boundaries. Fifty Golden Goals of “Swarnim Siddhis” have been set to achieve quantum jump in terms of outcomes during the year.

We have framed a unique 50 Points Programme called “Swarnim Sopans” to define the vision and roadmap of the State’s development. Swarnim Sopans have a wide sweep from governance to cultural identity. The major focus will remain on inclusive growth and Human development while setting a higher trajectory of growth which will prepare the next generation to meet challenges of the future in a rapidly changing globel scenario.

For the effective monitoring of this programme a higher level committee under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Chief Minister is formed. Shri I .K. jadeja had been appointed as the Executive Chairman of this committee.

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