Branch Information

No. Deputy Secretary Under Secretary Branch Subject
1 Joint Secretary (Admn.) Under Secretary (Admn.) S Branch
  • The Directorate of Economics and Statistics
  • The Directorate of Evaluation
  • Director, Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Society
  • Census

Y-2 Branch
  • The Establishment of District Planning Offices
  • Internal Coordination & Establishment of Planning Division
  • The State Planning Commission

2 Deputy Secretary (Planning) Under Secretary (Planning - 1) J Branch
  • 3-year Action,
  • 7-year Strategy,
  • 15-years Vision
  • Document

Under Secretary (Planning - 2) TH Branch
  • Review of Central and State Plans
  • Flagship schemes of government of India
  • Review of Annual Plan
  • Evaluation and Studies

M Branch
  • The coordination of Twenty Point Programme
  • 50 Point Swarnim Siddhi Programme
  • Vikas Vatika
3 Deputy Secretary (M.L.P) Under Secretary (M.L.P) Y Branch
  • Decentralised District Planning
  • Community Works of Local Importance (MLA FUND)
  • The district planning board; Executive Planning Committees
  • The Celebration of National festival
  • Apno Taluko Vibrant Taluko(ATVT)
  • District Innovation Fund (DIF)

Y-1 Branch
  • MPLADS Cell
  • Developing Talukas Scheme
  • Sagarakhedu Sarvangi vikas Yojana
  • Monitoring of Decentralised District Planning & ATVT
4 Deputy Secretary (UID) Dy Director (UID) UID Cell
  • Unique Identification Implementation Programme
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