Decentralised District Planning Programms

Decentralising the planning process should be an important objective of the twelfth plan. In order to strengthen grass root planning, it is necessary to provide both funds as well as decision making powers to the sub-district level. The criteria for backward regional grant fund (BRGF) should be changed to the taluka or block and should not be the district as a unit. Even backward districts have some well developed pockets with strong political leadership which tends to draw funds to itself.

We have initiated a unique and innovative model of strengthening taluka administration with annual allocation of Rs. 403.25 crore in the year 2012-13, where locally people will decide their priorities and create their vision for their area. Both governance as well as planning will be decentralized and development approach will automatically become people centric instead being governed by a distance central authority. Every taluka will be empowered and self sustaining to provide a local platform for driving double digit growth and social development. The scheme has been christened as “Apno Taluka Vibrant Taluka”.

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