Developing Taluka Scheme

It has been long time since recommendations of State Government appointed Dr I.G.Patel committee were received in the year 1986 regarding declaration of 56 backward Taluka, considering developmental process in present time and changed strategic scenario of development, collecting reliable information of each Taluka of the State and giving them ratings beginning from least developed to well developed on developmental criteria Taluka and assessing development of each Taluka as per recommendations of Dr I.G. Patel committee, and a special work study about present condition of every Taluka in Kutchh district after earthquake, a committee to study backwardness of each Taluka of the Gujarat State was set up under the Chairmanship of Shree V.R.S.Cowlagi,(Rtd.I.A.S.).

This committee has prepared a report by taking consultation and suggestions of members of Parliament and legislature, expert opinions, consultations with higher level officers, visiting some Taluka and incorporating suggestions of previous studies in this matter. The report was prepared by taking into account of 44 different indicators and by classifying composite index of 225 Taluka of State. On the basis of Taluka’s backwardness, a composite list were prepared by arranging them in increasing order of development. Thirty Taluka from this composite list were declared as ‘Developing Taluka’ by resolution dated : 27th july, 2006 of the General Administration Department. Thereafter, 11 Taluka which were weak as per Human Development Index, were included in ‘Developing Taluka’, by resolution dated : 2nd March, 2009 of the General Administration Department. Thereafter, 9 new Taluka have been declared as Developing Taluka that have more than 50% of total villages transferred from old Developing Talukas as a result of District/Taluka bifurcation, by resolution dated : 3rd March, 2014, 13th May, 2015 and 18th October, 2017 of the General Administration Department. Thus, to take up Planning process of overall development of these 50 developing Taluka, the responsibility has been assigned to the officers of the level of Principle Secretary/Secretary.

A grant of Rs. 3 crore per year is given to each Taluka. By which, basic infrastructural facilities like health, education, nutrition, electric facility are provided to the deprived people for their collective development.

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