Development Programme

Development Programme consist two parts.

In Part one there are thirteen chapter on various subject ie. Current Economic Scene, Decentralize district planning, development of women & child, tribal development. Flagship programme of various departments, Human development in Gujarat etc.

Thus, part 1 consist more factual information on Gujarat Current Scenario situation of the state, it consist very much data regarding growth rate, per capita income, state domestic product etc.

In part 2 there are 24 departments’ introduction and important schemes in prescribed statements. In these statements departments give information of their important plan schemes.

Outcome Budget 2017-18(First Time)

The Government of Gujarat has taken a decision to introduce the Outcome Budget from the year 2017-18. The Outcome Budget is being brought out as Budget publication No.56. The purpose of the Outcome Budget is to link budgetary provisions to Development Outcomes of Government Programmes. In that sense it is a departure from the traditional budgeting which focuses on public spending as a method of monitoring the implementation of the Budget. The Outcomes would be the result of Government initiatives and schematic programmes and would be measured not in terms of rupees spent but in terms of physical units. Therefore it is aimed to give a clearer picture of the implementation of the Government Programmes vis-à-vis stated objectives of all those Programmes.

It is expected that Outcome Budget would help the policy makers and decision makers to arrive at a better understanding of the efficiency and effectiveness of Government spending. The Outcome Budget is also an important step towards increasing transparency in governance and in budgeting. The outcome budget is expected to facilitate the utilization of government funds in the interest of the public so that citizens may be benefited to the maximum and unnecessary and less useful expenditure can be avoided.

As this is the first year of Outcome Budget in Gujarat, GAD (Planning Division) has carried out extensive consultation with the Departments to identify those Government Schemes that could be included in the Outcome Budget. Generally schemes having large outlays, schemes related to physical output such as construction and procurement, schemes intended to improve developmental indicators and schemes designed to extend subsidy or benefit to individual, have been selected. Thereafter indicators have been identified by the Department for each of these schemes and physical targets have been indicated for the next 3 years. These targets are projections subject to modification based on actual requirements and budgetary provisions of the relevant year.

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