Directorate of Evaluation


Evaluation is one of the important part of planning process. Evaluation studies are very useful State Government in achieving the set objectives of development process. For this purpose State Government has set up Evaluation Directorate.

The basic function of the evaluation directorate is to carry out evaluation studies of development programmes/schemes implemented by the State Government and through these by examining that how far the objectives of schemes have been achieved, required follow up steps are suggested to strengthen the implementation of scheme/programme.

For selecting the schemes for evaluation studies, priority is given to all those schemes/programmes having higher allocation, programmes for poverty eradication and employment generating, special programmes for backward areas and for backward society, those with low progress, delays and showing difficulty in implementation.

The main stages of evaluation study included plan of study, preparation of methodology and schedules for field work, data collection, tabulation, analysis and report writing.

In the year 2012-13, 26 evaluation studies were taken up. Of these 3 have been published and draft of 9 reports are at level of approval, remaining are at various level of studies.

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