Flagship Programmes

In this era of modernization, only economical growth is not an only indicator of development. Development is much broader concept which includes economical, social, political and cultural advancement in planned direction. Gujarat has been appreciated by whole world and not only by nation for its ability to plan and balance the development scenario. State has taken exceptional and unique initiatives to reach out the every corner of society for the well being of all.

The government in last decade has launched many Flagship Programmes and Mission Mode Programmes for addressing specific areas of challenge and social-economic concerns of the state as whole. Chief Secretary has personally reviewed about 32 schemes in order to ensure desired progress in all related sectors as per the vision of Hon’ble Chief Minister. These schemes are mainly focused on improving the Human Development Indices which is vital focus for the state.

For more effective monitoring of the Flagship Programmes and Mission Mode Programmes, an online Management Information System (MIS) has been developed, and this MIS has been integrated with existing IWDMS so that accurate and timely information can be available for reviewing and monitoring of the schemes at Chief Secretary level.

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