In General Administration Department there are four Divisions. ‘Planning Division’ is one of these Divisions. It relates to Preparation of Outcome Budget. The Decentralized District Planning and 20 Point Programme are also being monitored by this Division.

Since inception of Gujarat State up to the year 2001-02, i.e. during forty years, total outlay for Annual Development Plan was Rs.55,256 Crores; While during last ten years (2002- 2012)total allocation has increased more than three folds at Rs 1,75,500 Crores. State economy achieved a double digit average annual growth of 10.24 % during last decade; which is higher than those of Nation and other comparable states of India.

Functions of Planning Division are as Follows:

  • Formulation of Plans: 3-year Action, 7-year Strategy, 15- years Vision document

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