Twenty Point Programme

An Introduction

The Twenty Point Programme (TPP) was launched by the Government of India in 1975. The Programme was first revised in 1982 and again in 1986. Gujarat has been among the front ranking States in the country in implementation of the Twenty Point Programme- 1986. Government of India has been implementing the revised Twenty Point Programme – 2006 since 1-4-2007. The State has ranked first in the country with 96% achievement during the year 2008-09. The State has achieved 94% in the year 2009-10. The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation of the Government of India has recently published Progress Report ending July-2010 of the year 2010-11, Gujarat State has achieved 1st rank with 100% achievement in the County.

TPP-2006 has Points for the benefit of the rural and urban people. Its thrust is towards programmes for eradicating poverty and improving the quality of life of the poor and the under-privileged people all over the country. The Programme covers various socio-economic aspects like poverty, employment, education, housing, health, agriculture, land reforms, irrigation, drinking water, protection and empowerment of weaker sections, consumer protection, environment, e-Governance, etc.

The restructured TPP-2006 contains of 20 Points and 65 monitorable items. Items covered under TPP-2006 are administered by the Administrative Ministries concerned under their respective programmes and implemented by the State Governments and U.T. Administrations. All the 65 items of TPP-2006 are not amenable to reporting on a monthly basis. Out of the 65 items, 24 items are monitored on monthly basis. Government of India gives Interstate Ranks to all the States based on 18 Interstate Ranking Items out of 24 monthly monitoring items. The details of inter-state ranking of Gujarat State from 2001-2002 to 2010-2011 is given in Para-5. Since July-2011, no Interstate Ranking has been given to the States by the Govt. of India.

System of Monitoring

Monthly Progress Report of 18 items is sent to GOI, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. Monthly Progress of these 18 items is reviewed in the Secretaries' Meeting as well as in the Cabinet Meeting. The Planning Executive Committee of the District Planning Board reviews the progress in each district. The MPR of these items is received from each district in GAD(Planning).

The State Government has appointed Shri Kaushikbhai Patel as an Executive Chairman of the 20 Point Programme Implementation High Level Committee. The Executive Chairman has arranged meetings with the officers of the concerned departments to accelerate the achievement of the programme. Moreover, meetings with the Collectors, District Development Officers and District Planning Officers of the districts is going to be arranged by the Executive Chairman to make the 20 Point Programme effective.

Fixation of argets

The targets of Twenty Point Programme are fixed by the administrative departments of Secretariat in consultation with the Nodal Ministry of GOI.

List of the Re-structured Twenty Point Programme - 2006

Point No. Item
1 Poverty Eradication
2 Power to People
3 Support to Farmers
4 Labour Welfare
5 Food Security
6 Housing for All
7 Clean Drinking Water
8 Health for All
9 Education for All
10 Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Minorities and OBCs
11 Women Welfare
12 Child Welfare
13 Youth Development
14 Improvement of Slums
15 Environment Protection and Afforestation
16 Social Security
17 Rural Roads
18 Energization of Rural Areas
19 Development of Backward Areas
20 IT enabled e-Governance

A List of 20 Points and 65 Items of Twenty Point Programme – 2006

Point No. Item No. Name of the Item Concerned Department
I Garibi Hatao [Poverty Eradiction]
Rural Areas
# 1 Employment generation under National Rural Employment Guarantee Act P.R.H.& R.D.D. (RDD)
* # 2 Swaranjayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana P.R.H.& R.D.D. (RDD)
3 Rural Business Hubs in Partnership with Panchayats P.R.H.& R.D.D. (Panchayat)
* # 4 Self help Groups P.R.H.& R.D.D. (RDD)
Urban Areas
5 Swaranjayanti Shehari Rojgar Yojana U.H. & U.D.
II Jan Shakti (Power to People)
6 Local Self Government (Panchayati Raj and Urban Local Bodies) - Activity Mapping for devolution of functions - Budget Flow of Funds - Assignment of Functionaries P.R.H.& R.D.D.(Panchayat)
7 Quick and Inexpensive Justice - Gram Nyayalayas and Nyaya Panchayats. P.R.H.& R.D.D.(Panchayat)
8 District Planning Committees. G.A.Deptt. (Planning)
III Kisan Mitra (Support to Farmers)
9 Watershed development Dry land farming P.R.H.& R.D.D.(RDD)
10 Marketing and infrastructural support to farmers Agri. & Co.op.Deptt. Agri. & Co.op.
11 Irrigation facilities (including micro irrigation and micro irrigation) for agriculture Agri. & Co.op.Deptt. Agri. & Co.op.
12 Credit to farmers Agri. & Co.op.Deptt. Agri. & Co.op.
# 13 Distribution of Waste land to the landless Revenue Deptt.
IV Shramik Kalyan [Labour Welfare]
14 Social Security for Agricultural and Unorganised Labour L.& E. Deptt.
# 15 Minimum Wages Enforcement (including Farm Labour) L.& E. Deptt.
16 Prevention of Child Labour L.& E. Deptt.
17 Welfare of Women Labour L.& E. Deptt.
V Khadya Suraksha (Food Security)
*# 18 Food security: (i) Targeted Public Distribution system, (ii) Antodaya Anna Yojana, (iii) Establishing Grain banks in chronically food scarcity areas F.C.S. & C.A.Deptt.
VI Subke Liye Aawas (Housing for All)
*# 19 Rural Housing - Indira Awaas Yojana P.R.H.& R.D.D. (RDD)
*# 20 EWS/LIG Houses in Urban Areas U.H. & U.D. Deptt.
VII Shudh peya Jal (Clean Drinking Water)
*# 21 Rural Areas: - Swajal Dhara - Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme N.W.S. & W.R.Deptt. (W.S.)
22 Urban Areas: Accelerated Urban Water Supply Programme N.W.S. & W.R.Deptt. (W.S.)
VIII Jan Jan Ka Swasthya (Health for All)
23 Control and prevention of major diseases: (a) HIV/AIDS (b) TB (c) Malaria (d) Leprosy (e) Blindness Health & F.W. Deptt.
24 National Rural Health Mission Health & F.W. Deptt.
25 Immunisation of Children Health & F.W. Deptt.
# 26 Sanitation Programme in Rual Areas, Urban Areas P.R.H. & R.D.D. (RDD) U.H. & U.D.D.
# 27 Institutional Delivery Health & F.W.D.
28 Prevention of Female Foeticide Health & F.W.D.
29 Supplementary nutrition for Mothers and Children W. & C.D. Deptt.
30 Two Child Norm W. & C.D. Deptt.
IX Sabke Liye Shiksha [Education for All]
31 Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan Edu. Deptt.
32 Mid Day Meal Scheme - Compulsory Elementary Education Edu. Deptt.
X Anusuchit Jaati, Jan Jaati, Alp sankhyak evam Anya Pichhra Varg Kalyan [Welfare of SC, ST, Minorities and OBCs)
*# 33 SC Families Assisted S.J. & E. Deptt (SWD)
34 Rehabilitation of Scavengers S.J. & E. Deptt (SWD)
35 ST Families Assisted S.J. & E.D. (TDD)
36 Rights of Forest dwellers-Owners of minor forest produce S.J. & E.D.(TDD)
37 Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs) S.J. & E.D.(TDD)
38 No alienation of Tribal lands S.J. & E.D.(TDD)
39 Implementation of Panchayats (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act [PESA] P.R.H.& R.D.D.(Panchayat)
40 Welfare of Minorities S.J. & E.D. (SWD)
41 Professional education among all minority communities S.J. & E.D.(TDD)
42 Reservation of OBCs in Education S.J. & E.D.(TDD)
43 Reservation of OBCs in Employment S.J. & E.D.(TDD)
XI Mahila Kalyan (Women Welfare)
44 Financial Assistance for Women Welfare W. & C.D.D.
45 Improved Participation of Women in (a) Panchayats (b) State Legislatures (c) Municipalities (d) Parliament P.R.H. & R.D.D. (P) L.& P.A. Deptt. U.H.& U.D.Deptt L.& P.A.Deptt.
XII Bal Kalyan (Child Welfare)
*# 46 Universalisation of ICDS Scheme W. & C.D. Deptt. W
*# 47 Functional Anganwadis W. & C.D. Deptt. W
XIII Yuva Vikas [Youth Development]
48 Sports for all in Rural and Urban areas Y.S. & C.A.D.
49 Rashtriya Sadbhavana Yojana Y.S. & C.A.D.
50 National Service Scheme Y.S. & C.A.D.
XIV Basti Sudhar (Improvement of Slums)
*# 51 Number of Urban poor families assisted under seven point charter viz. land tenure, housing at affordable cost, water, sanitation, health, education, and social security. U.H.& U.D.Deptt.
XV Paryavaran Sanrakshan evam Van Vridhi [Environment Protection and Afforestation]
*# 52 Afforestation (a) Area Covered under Plantation on - Public and Forest Lands (b) Number of Seedlings planted on - Public and Forest Lands F. & E. Deptt.
53 Prevention of pollution of Rivers and water bodies F. & E. Deptt.
54 Solid and liquid waste management in - Rural Areas - Urban Areas P.R.H.& R.D.D.(P) U.H.& U.D.D.
XVI Samajik Suraksha (Social Security)
# 55 Rehabilitation of Handicapped and orphans S.J. & E. Deptt (SWD)
# 56 Welfare of the aged S.J. & E. Deptt (SWD)
XVII Grameen Sadak (Rural Roads)
*# 57 Rural Roads - PMGSY R. & B. Deptt.
XVIII Grameen Oorja [Energization of Rural Area]
58 Bio-diesel Production Agri. &Co.op.Deptt.
59 Renewable Energy E. & P.C. Deptt.
*# 60 Energising Pumpsets E. & P.C. Deptt.
*# 61 Supply of Electricity E. & P.C. Deptt.
62 Supply of Kerosene and LPG F.C.S.& C.A.Deptt..
XIX Pichhara Kshetra Vikas [Development of Backward Areas]
63 Backward Regions Grants Fund P.R.H.& R.D.D.(P)
XX e - Shasan [IT enabled e-Governance]
64 Central and State Governments I. & T. Deptt.
65 Panchayats and Municipalities I. & T. Deptt.

# Indicates Monthly Monitoring items which are 24 items.
* Indicates Interstate Ranking Items which are 17 items.

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