Planning Division is one of the wings of General Administration Department (G.A.D.). The Planning Division is dealing with formulation of Development Programme, Monitoring of State Plans, Flagship Programs, implementation and monitoring of Decentralized District Planning and 20-Point Programs. For formulation of 3-year Action, 7-year Strategy, 15- years Vision document, the Planning Division is assisted by three heads of departments viz. Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Directorate of Evaluation and Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Society (GSIDS). The administration and personnel management of these heads of departments is controlled by the Planning Division.

The activities of Directorate of Economics and Statistics include collections, compilations and analysis of the statistical data to support planning and policy decisions. The Directorate of Evaluation evaluates the effectiveness and outcome of plans schemes in the State. Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Society (GSIDS) supplements the efforts of the State Government to bring up improvement in the Human Development.

The main vision of Planning Division is to fulfill the aspirations of people at large and to ensure social and economic sustainable development through effective implementation of plans schemes, Flagship Programs, 20-Point Programs and monitoring of Decentralized District Planning.

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